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Rach is a film maker in the Pacific Northwest that had branding done for her in the past that wasn't really resonating with her and how she wanted to portray her company. We took a step back and brought the logo into a more simple and straight forward look while playing with the beautiful ligatures of the font that was chosen. She wanted to keep the look of mountains but not have them be so literal so we went with this simple geometric take on the mountains and tied it into the actual text of the logo creating a nice flow and balance.

Make sure to check out on instagram: @filmsbyrach


Building Rachel's dream brand was such a thrilling creative journey. Her old branding wasn't working for her, it wasn't diving into the details behind the brand that she was looking for. Adding in a more subtle touch of the Pacific Northwest by using geometric lines instead of an actual image of a mountain helped us keep this brand looking modern and minimal with a cool timeless serif font that brings in beautiful ligatures for that added flair she was looking for.

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