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Website Design

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Apply for a website review today!

Long story short, are you looking to have your website redone but don't know if you want to tackle it yourself or hire someone?

That is where a website review comes in.

When you apply for a website review with Neise Design you will receive an in-depth questionnaire to dig deep into what you believe is working well and what you believe just isn't cutting the mustard anymore. 

After pouring your heart out about your website I will dig in and send you back a 14-page booklet containing my findings and suggestions on how we can make your website the swoon-worthy, client-grabbing beauty that you want it to be.

You can take that booklet and use my suggestions to either update your website yourself or you can hire me to get it running like the well-oiled machine we both know it can be.

Want to take the suggestions to someone else? Do you have a friend or family member who dabbles in web design? Hey, I get it it's totally cool, you are free to take it and use it as you please. 

This new package is currently being offered for $250 which can be used towards your website design total cost if you choose to use Neise Design to do your website updates.



  • 30 - 60 minute introductory meeting (Zoom or phone call) to discuss needs and ideas

  • Page layout design

  • Up to 6 custom designed pages

  • Social media integration

  • Basic SEO

  • Mobile phone optimization

  • Custom Favicon

TIMELINE: 6 WEEKS (content must be provided by client minimum of 1 week before start of project)

Customized Proposals

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