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Hi, I'm Erin

Your friendly neighborhood graphic designer

The name "Neise Design" comes from a play on my seemingly difficult to pronounce last name Neisewander: "NICE"Wander ergo Neise Design.

Traveling to France and London have been big inspirations for me, the antique architecture and smooth jazz sounds of France and the stark contrasts from vintage to modern in London have shaped some of my best work.


I have always been drawn to the art of vintage books, typewritten letters and postcards, the french countryside and the smell of fresh peonies in the spring are a few of my favorite things.  


My Work

Below are some of the projects I have worked on, please click through to explore more details of each project

Midcoast Marketing
Carrianne BC Mocks
Films By Rach Branding
The Ampersand
Candle Design
Bennett Homes Branding
Capital Humane Society
Wedding invitation design
Poolside Event
2 Fools Cidery
Business Card Design
Corporate Branding
Company Training Book

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